Dareus deal says plenty about Bills past , present and future

Marcel Dareus

The Bills had already marginalized Marcel. Coaches Sean McDermott and Leslie Frazier had come to realize what everyone else who has coached Dareus has know. On the field he has flashes where he is Mr. Big Stuff. But most of the time , he was just another guy. GM Bradon Beane came to realize he was stuck with a contract that you just can't keep when the player is "just another guy" So the Bills trotted him out on the field for a limited amount of snaps, using him as part of their DLine rotation and hoping to get some level of production out of a guy the franchise had paid just under $60 million dollars. Enter Doug Marrone.

It is hard to blame the former Bills head coach (along with his boss Tom Coughlin) for taking a shot with Dareus. They are getting him somewhat on the cheap for a player with his talent. And yes the man does have talent. Marrone and his staff obviously believe they can get more out of the former top draft pick as they try to make a run for the playoffs. The Bills, on the other hand, still have an eye on the future as well as the present . They get a 6th rounder that could become a 5th and that is fine. But for the Bills this is addition by subtraction and that includes saving of some part of the salary cap disater that number 99 's deal left them holding. They save about $8 million in cap over the next two seasons, but still are left with the dead cap space hit of $24 million. But Marcel Dareus was never part of the Process and now he just becomes the latest of the old guard to be sent away.

We know the numbers about how few Bills are left from the Whaley/Rex team. While it is staggering how swiftly the changes have been made, is anyone all that upset with them. Outside of the drop ins on national TV (yes Al Michaels we are talking about you) is there anyone they have let go that you are missing? The top of my list might actually be Robert Woods, because he is the most consistent and productive of the castoffs. Mike Gillislee is a nice player, but just part of a rotation in New England. Stephon Gilmore might eventually figure it out, but he is currently one of the most overpaid players in the NFL. And Sammy Watkins continues to be Sammy Watkins and now he is the Rams looming decision on a contract. With Dareus you have the added detrement of his off the field issues and his lack of conditiong that took away much of the most important ability of an NFL player, availability.

Breaking down is a much easier task than building it up. The Bills roster is different now, but still lacks elite talent to win big in the NFL. But they have identified the type of player they want and the type they do not want. It was clear from the beginning that Marcel Dareus was in the latter category. They just needed someone to move this part of the Process along and it ended up being Doug Marrone.

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