McDermott and Tyrod together...for now

McDermott Tyrod

Sean McDermott and Tyrod Taylor are the married couple that had a quick trial separation but are now staying together for the kids. The press conferences will be like the family dinners when everyone can see the real feelings, but we just smile and change the subject. These two proud and successful people want different things. At some point soon the breakup will be final, but for now the focus stays on the family. And by family I mean team.

Taylor and McDermott have three major traits in common. The coach and the quarterback are extremely hard workers. Each one walks around with a huge chip on their shoulder. And maybe most telling, they are both very consistent. That was never more evident than on Sunday in Kansas City in the upset of the Chiefs.

The win was a perfect example of Tyrod Taylor football. That is both a compliment and a criticism. Tyrod did not turn the football over and used his feet and his arm to make enough plays to grind out the win. After the victory, the consistent QB stayed right in the high road lane by deflecting the credit to his teammates. The closest thing to an “I told you so moment” was the slight smile on his face as he took questions.

Sean McDermott stuck with the Process. He recited the same cliches about work and the need to “get better every day” . He joined Tyrod Taylor in another way. McDermott also deflected the credit away from his quarterback. Before the game he said Tyrod needed to “do his job”. Mission accomplished? McDermott said Tyrod made plays with his feet. And then he capped it off by saying Taylor is his started for this week.

We all see this breakup happening. They can even take a family vacation (aka the playoffs) but it was just delay the inevitable. So accept the reality. The Bills have a shot to finally end the drought . But they would likely do it and then start over again with a new QB next season.

Mike Catalana

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