Sabres win draft lottery, will pick first in NHL draft on June 22


For the third time in five years, the Sabres had the best odds to win the NHL draft lottery.

For the first time in five years, they actually won it.

Buffalo was revealed to have won the prize of the NHL's first overall pick during the second intermission of the playoff game between Las Vegas and San Jose.

The move was celebrated universally by fans, and those inside the Sabres organization.

It will be just the third time in franchise history that the Sabres have landed the first overall pick.

With that first pick, the Sabres are almost surely going to select 18-year-old Swedish defenseman Rasmus Dahlin. He is widely considered the best blue line prospect in years, if not decades. You can see why when you see his highlight reel.

Mark your calendars, Sabres fans. The NHL draft begins June 22.

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