Bills win bigger long term than short

Sean McDermott

I want every Bills fans to wear their gear today. I think they should text their buddies who went to the dark side to cheer for the Patriots and give them grief.. I hope they talk winning seasons and ending the drought. There have not been many starts of seasons or even many Sunday's like what we have just witnessed. But while there are many reasons to be excited about the present, I believe these games show more about the Bills future and about Sean McDermott as a head coach.

The Bills are alone in first place at the quarter pole of a long season. They have a legitimate shot to go into Cincinnati and beat the Bengals to get to 4-1 as they head into the bye. They have certainly gotten the attention of the NFL and have joined the LA Rams as the league's biggest surprise. I predicted the win over the Broncos as much because of what I thought would be a letdown by Denver on a road trip. But none of that applied in Atlanta. The Falcons watched the tape of a Bills upset and they were coming back home after a very fortunate win against the Lions. There was no letdown for Atlanta, the Bills just outplayed them. How many times on Sunday were you ready for a big play and thought "Here is where the Bills do a Bills-like thing and find a way to lose". But that did not happen. They forced the turnovers. They made the field goals. They stopped the 4th down play. The guy clapping on the sidelines told us he wanted to change the culture and that has already begun.

But keep one important thing in mind. The Bills are still a flawed football team. You know the issues with Tyrod, despite him playing some of his best and most efficient football. The WR's are limited and Jordan Matthew's injury and Zay Jones struggles don't help. I am very encouraged by the defense, but depth is a major issue that will be severly tested. But McDermott's plan was to build a team first and then add the talent to take this team where you want them to go. That is why I am thinking this is bigger for the future than it is for the present.

I guess we don't have to listen to the idiocy of the tanking talk any more. I assume no one is laughing at what Anquan Boldin said when he was with the Bills that he planned on being in the playoffs (hey Anquan, the Bills could use some help) Three wins don't come close to realy success, but tell me you aren't excited by the way this team plays and what it will be like when they really load up the roster. But that is for the future. For now, have some fun and brag a little bit. The Bills are a first place team and just beat the team that should have won the Super Bowl. The 90's Bills would be proud of them.

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