A new way to look at Rochester weather

The Chevy Mobile WHAM Weather Authority is heading on the road!

You name it, we’ve seen it! Snow squalls, high winds, intense thunderstorms and beautiful sunshine. We know that Western New York has some of the most unique weather in the country. Day to day and even hour to hour changes can be dramatic. As a result, the 13 WHAM Weather Authority team is mobile!

The Chevy Mobile WHAM Weather Authority is a customized Chevrolet Tahoe SUV built to not only follow the aftermath of the storm, but to also track and chase during the storm. The truck is outfitted with some of the latest technology.

First, it is a communication truck built with three interior HD cameras and microphone. This allows us to broadcast live on-the-road telling you about the road conditions, but more importantly showing the road conditions. In addition, not only will we go live inside the truck, but we’ll take you live at the scene with an exterior HD camera.

Second, this is a rolling weather station. We have mounted on the roof state-of-the-art Columbia Weather Systems equipment which has sensors instantaneously measuring temperature, wind, relative humidity and barometric pressure. That data is continuously monitored “live” in the truck throughout the storm.

The Chevy Mobile WHAM Weather Authority is also making “field trips” as an educational tool with meteorologists visiting area schools.

This is our chance to show videos and provide materials for our area students to learn about our ever changing atmosphere. Also, when the weather is pleasant, look for us at some of the area festivals where we’ll display the latest weather conditions for you.

13 WHAM Weather Authority is the only station in Rochester with this cutting edge technology and no one has this type of groundbreaking weather resource.

So, watch for us. We’re going on the road with the 13 WHAM Weather Authority!

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